Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements

Conference participants should familiarize themselves with visa requirement well in advance of the conference. Information regarding Visa application can be found in the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship wbsite.The IRMMW-THz 2012 organizers encourage you to apply for a visa as early as possible, at least three months prior to the conference. 

Conference Invitation Letter

In general, IRMMW-THz conference organizers cannot intervene with Australia embassies or the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship on behalf of conference participants. Australia's visa offices overseas requires conference organizers to provide:

  • Letter of invitation, which you will receive upon request; and
  • Confirmation of PAID registration.

After completing your registration payment, a receipt will be generated on the payment page and a PDF copy will be emailed to you, which can attached to your visa application as a proof of paid registration. We understand that you might have planned to complete the registration after obtaining your visa, but we have received clear message from DIAC that you must demonstrate that you are a genuine conference participant by fully paying the registration fee. We have made a special visa refund policy in the case of visa rejection.

If you need a personal letter of invitation to attend the conference, please email us at In your email, please provide the following information:

  • full name
  • email address
  • complete mailing address (including phone and fax number)
  • passport number
  • country issued
  • passport expiry date
  • date of birth
  • gender

Your letter of invitation will be emailed to you as a pdf attachment, and also sent via postal mail.  Please be sure to submit this request well in advance to allow time for processing. Please contact us: if you have any questions.


To encourage participation at the conference by reducing the financial risk to potential participants, the conference will refund registration payments in the case of visa rejection.


Last reviewed: 3 July, 2012

Key Dates

Conference Dates: 23 - 28 September 2012





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